2011/2012 Australasian/Japan Pro Junior Series To Kick Off At Cloud 9


Toyo-cho, Kochi
(Saturday, August 20th, 2011)

Final day today for 2011 ASP Japan Tour Event #5 "QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN". With cloudy skies and  1 to 2 ft. (1 meter) conditions this morning at Ikumi Beach in Kochi prefecture,Masao Ogawa called at 7AM first call for the athletes to go in action for the final day.

First in action this morning was the man on man quarter finals for the U-20 Mens as well as the semi finals following. The grand finals for the U-20 Girls, U-12 Groms, U-16 Cadets and the U-20 Men are followed.

Grand finals for the U-20 Mens were a 25 minute decider by Gai Sato and Arashi Kato. In a wave starved final Kato captures victory over Sato by a combined score of 8 to Sato with a 4.95 and Arashi Kato makes 2 straight victories.

"Thank you all," Kato said. "My skills on small size surf are weak so I relied high on my surfboard. Although I didnt score high scores winning is great. There were not too many sets on offer so I went straight to action early in the heat and helped me retain calm. 2 wins in a row is great. I promise to my supporters that I will do my best in the coming WJT series. Thanks a lot once again."

U-12 Cadets final was a re match of the finals in Izu earlier this season. Naomi Kobayashi vs. Takumi Nakamura put on an exciting final by Nakamura with 8.60points to Kobayashi with a 5.55points. Takumi Nakamura marks his 3rd victory of 2011.

U-12 Groms was a showdown Momoto Tsuzuki and Yuji Nishi. Nishi takes victory by 10.25 to Tsuzuki with a 6.00 and Yuji Nishi claims his 2nd win of 2011.

U-20 Girls was a great final by the in form surfers of Ren Hashimoto and Reika Noro.

Hashimoto captures 2nd win for 2011 by 8.25 to Noro with a 6.20.


Final Results:

U-20Mens Final Results:

1st:250Pts, U$2,000: Arashi Kato
2nd:188Pts, U$900: Gai Sato
3rd place, 141Pts, U$550: Kaito Ohashi, Takumi Nakamura

U-20 Girls Final Results: :(Roxy Junior Girls Shikoku Open )

1st:250Pts: Ren Hashimoto
2nd:188Pts: Reika Noro
3rd place, 141Pts: Hinako Kurokawa, Minami Takechi

U-16 Cadets Final Results: :
1st:250Pts: Takumi Nakamura
2nd:188Pts: Naomi Kobayashi
3rd place, 141Pts: Ryota Matsushita, Kairi Noro

U-12 Groms Final Results:

1st:250Pts: Yuji Nishi
2nd:188Pts: Momoto Tsuzuki
3rd place, 141Pts: Kairi Noro, Keitaro Fujinuma

2011 ASP Japan Pro Junior Series Final Rating:

U-20 Mens:
1st: Kan Watanabe
2nd: Kaito Ohashi
3rd: Arashi Kato
4th: Hiroto Arai
5th: Kaishu Tanaka

U-20 Girls:
1st: Nao Omura
2nd: Ren Hashimoto

ASP Japan Tour commenced the 2011 season last May at Amami Island, then moved to Shonan for event 2, then for event 3 in Chiba. Event 4 "QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" was the final event for the juniors to qualify for the prestigious 2011 WJT series. Along with the U-20 Bays, U-20 Junior Girls have their mission to qualify for the prestigious 2011 WJT series later this year. 5 boys and 2 girls qualify for the WJT thru the series. For the U-16 Cadets, this event marks the 4th event of the 2011 season and the series champion qualifies for the 「Quiksilver King of the Grommets」in France the coming October.

1 Star Event "QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" was the first event to be held in Shikoku for the pro junior series. Toyo-cho in Kochi has been the sight of WT events in the past and is the most popular surf event arena for the area. The pro junior is well known recently for the ever high level of surfing.

"QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" was consisted by 4 divisions of U-20 Mens, U-20 Girls, U-16 Cadets and the U-12 Grommets.

ASP WJT Series is an elite pro junior world series from selected athletes from the 7 ASP branches from the globe. Later this season the series commences in Indonesia then the tour moves to Brazil and Australia to crown the world pro junior champions. The WJT series is the closest step to the WT as the top surfers are awarded high seeding to the star and prime series to qualify. WJT series champion are awarded the world champion title along with the WT world champions at the ASP banquet every year.

The cadets series leader as of August 31st will be invited to the main event of the "Quiksilver King of the Grommet"(KOTG)held in September at France. The KOTG champion is known as the world champion of under 16 surfers. The past champions shown big success in the pro juniors.

Refer to ASP Japan Official Web Page for the latest rankings


The next stop on 2011 ASP calendar is Billabong Pro Junior Asia presented by Sony Eriksson (2012 season event) (2011/2012 ASP Australasia/Japan Conjunction Pro Junior Series Event) to be held at Cloud 9 in the Philippines the coming September 21st to September 28th.

The event was broadcasted live via internet throughout the event.


"QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" is proudly supported by following sponsors:

・Quiksilver Japan

"QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" is an official ASP International Japan Branch sanctioned event.

"QUIKSILVER PRO JUNIOR SHIKOKU OPEN" is officially hosted by Pro Junior Shikoku Open Event Committee

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