ASP World Title Ranking

ASP World Title Race Explanation – The year-end points’ total for each surfer is calculated by adding their respective best 8 results from all 11 ASP World Title events. The point scores for each possible event placing are shown below:

Event Placing 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 5th place 9th place 13th place 25th place Injured (INJ)
Points Awarded 10000 points 8000 points 6500 points 5200 points 4000 points 1750 points 500 points 500 points
If you are searching for a particular surfer, just type the surfer’s name in the search filter located at the top right of the ranking table and only matching results will be displayed. The table toolbar is located above the search filter and has a number of handy functions (Copy to Clipboard, Save to CSV, Save to XLS, Print Table) which you can use to export the table data.
To view event details, place your mouse over the event numbers in the table below:
Rankings after completion of the Billabong Pro Rio 2011
RatingNameCountryReal Bvoice Pro Longboard TaitoMalibu Hyuga ProTotal Points
1Akimoto ShoheiJPN37840
2Teal EugeneJPN55738
3Hata YujiJPN59659
4Ogashira NobuhiroJPN134646
5Sato HiroshiJPN517600
6Sakuraoka KotaJPN913524
7Yonemoto YoshikiJPN177514
7Koyama ToshikiJPN139514
9Okada KyoheiJPN1313485
10Fujii TatsuoJPN179474
11Suzuki GoJPN5ns422
12Horii SatoshiJPN5316
12Ishikawa GoJPN9316
12Kinoshita DavidJPN9316
12Mori TaikiJPN9316
13Takahashi TsuyoshiJPN13277
14Toda MasahiroJPN9237
14Kudo KunihiroJPN17237
14Masuyama ShotaJPN17237
14Nabeshima AnriJPN17237
14Tomi KeiichiroJPN17237
19Haruzono YohJPN13208
19Watanabe YujiJPN13208
20Suzuki JunpeiJPN25193
21Aota JunJPN17178
21Kitamura YoshishiroJPN17178
21Sakuma HidetoJPN17178
21Satoshi HiroshiJPN17178
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