ASP World Qualifying Series Champions

Year Men Women
2009 Dan Ross (Australia) Coco Ho (Hawaii)
2008 Nathaniel Curran (USA) Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia)
2007 Jordy Smith (South Africa) Jacqueline Silva (Brazil)
2006 Jeremy Flores (France) Jessi Miley-Dyer (Australia)
2005 Adriano da Silva (Brazil) Rebecca Woods (Australia)
2004 Neco Padaratz (Brazil) Chelsea Georgeson (Australia)
2003 Neco Padaratz (Brazil) Melanie Bartels (Hawaii)
2002 Jake Paterson (Australia) Pauline Menczer (Australia)
2001 Mick Fanning (Australia) Jacqueline Silva (Brazil)
2000 Armando Daltro (Brazil) Maria "Tita" Tavares (Brazil)
1999 Flavio Padaratz (Brazil) Melanie Redman-Carr (Australia)
1998 Fabio Gouveia (Brazil) Serena Brooke (Australia)
1997 Victor Ribas (Brazil) Rochelle Ballard (Hawaii)
1996 Jake Paterson (Australia) N/A
1995 Shane Powell (Australia) N/A
1994 Kelly Slater (USA) N/A
1993 Barton Lynch (Australia) N/A
1992 Flavio Padaratz (Brazil) N/A
1991 Justin Strong (Safr)* N/A
1990 David Malherbe (Safr)* N/A
*At this time the WQS was known as the International Pro-Am.
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